10″ TV Antenna with Bypass Amplifier, Shark Fin Design


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10″ Talitha TV Antenna with Shark Fin and Bypass Amplifier

This compact, lightweight TV antenna features exceptional performance on all TV frequencies. Made of UV resistant, injection moulded ASA (three-dimensional co-polymer SAN resin reinforced with acrylic rubber), it will keep its white, mirror-like finish for years. The GXV9125 has no active components in the antenna, which provides extra protection from atmospheric elements. The 12/24VDC power supply amplifier is totally screened. This allows the best reception of TV signals with less interference from shipboard electrical noise sources.

Kit includes the following items:
GXV9125/12AASY – 10″ TV Antenna
GX50023/98 – Amplifier, including flush and wall plastic covers
GXV9139/20 – Coax Cable, Twin Screening, 66′ (20m)
GXV9143 – TV Set Cord, 5′ (1.5m)

GXV9125/1200 Antenna with GX50023/98 Amplifier:

Add one of the following mounts to complete your installation:
GXV9124 – S.S. Surface Mount
GXV9123 – S.S. Masthead Mount
GXV9172 – S.S. Angled Mount for Shark Fin Antennas

Lifetime Warranty


  • Innovative “shark fin” design improves the performance of vertically polarized TV signals
  • Receives analog or digital TV signals polarized both horizontally and vertically


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Weight 0.75 lbs