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Gemini Luff Tapes

Photo of a Gemini Luff Tape

You’re searching through sail options and you keep seeing “Gemini Luff Tape” and wondering..”What the heck is that?”. Well, in the 80’s Hood ( Now Hood Yacht Systems) had issued their Gemini model furling unit. The unit went on thousands of boats worldwide, as they were quite the popular Headsail Furling brand on the Market at that time. With multiple well known Sail makers using the Gemini luff tape, A plentiful amount of Headsails were produced with that unique Luff. However, Hood later stopped production of the Gemini Model. Though Sail makers still used their infamous Double Beaded luff tape to fulfill the requirement of many boats that were fitted with that furling unit.

The luff tape traditionally consists of a 5/32″ bead in the front and a 7/32″ bead following directly behind. So, as you may imagine – a Gemini Luff Tape Should only fit a Gemini Roller Furler. To which most folks think they have pay a loft to change out the luff tape to a standard 3/16″ (#6) or whatever they may require. However, the folks at Bacon’s have found that is Not always the case. Most* of the case, the first bead (5/32″) can be cut off with a heated blade – leaving the 7/32″ bead remaining. It is quite often we find that a 7/32″ luff tape will fit into a 3/16″ furling extrusion, of course this may depend on how big the inside of that slot truly is. It also has been confirmed, that some furling unit extrusions have enough room inside the slot to accommodate the entire 5/32″ & 7/32″ tape , requiring no alterations to the sail.

Sails that are listed with Gemini Luff Tapes are priced accordingly, given their issue….but now that you know the details, it may be worth giving one a shot. (Note: Cutting the Gemini luff tape is at your own discretion – Bacon’s does not offer that service, we’re just sharing the word of what other boaters have accomplished themselves)

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