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Gemini Luff Tapes

You’re searching through sail options and you keep seeing “Gemini Luff Tape” and wondering..”What the heck is that?”. Well, in the 80’s Hood ( Now Hood Yacht Systems) had issued their Gemini model furling unit. The unit went on thousands of boats worldwide, as they were quite the popular Headsail Furling brand on the Market at that time. With multiple well known Sail makers using the Gemini luff tape, A plentiful amount of Headsails were produced with that unique Luff. However, Hood later stopped production of the Gemini Model. Though Sail makers still used their infamous Double Beaded luff tape… Read More »

hurricane season

Top 3 Tips For Hurricane Season

Well folks, the Fall breeze is coming in. With that being said, so is Hurricane Season. Weathering the local waters of the Chesapeake or off in distant shores, here are Three Tips to remember when securing your vessel for the season: Dock lines: Inspect your lines for any damage/chafe. They may be holding up adequately in a decent breeze, however when heavier winds and current pickup, your dock lines will need to sustain higher loads. If your lines seem to be chafed or  just looking rough, please bring them on by Bacon’s and we will be glad to help you… Read More »

winterizing your boat

10 Tips for Winterizing your boat

Well unfortunately it is that time of year, again. The trees are just about bare and the water is getting well below the desired swimming temperature. Now it is time to winterize your boat. Here are some basic tips to remember when you are putting your vessel away for the winter: Start by doing a basic cleaning out, call it Spring Cleaning in advance. Clean out the food lockers, refrigerator, and icebox. This will help to prevent any critters from crawling around possibly cause damage to the interior of your boat. Remember to keep the door’s open to help increase… Read More »

sail maker blog

More On Sail Care…

In the last blog about taking care of your sails at the end of the season, I have pointed out some of the areas on sails that are particularly vulnerable to deterioration or damage. This time I would like to share with you a few pictures showing these problem areas: This first picture shows a severely deteriorated webbing loop at the head of this furling genoa.  This web is really ready to fail at any moment, and most likely it will happen in the worst possible time… Hopefully webbing loops on your sails are nowhere near this level of deterioration, but… Read More »

sail care

End of season sail care

So, it’s November. For many sailors in the Northeast and other parts of the country (and the world) the sailing season is winding down. Your sails represent a significant investment in your sailing enjoyment, so naturally taking good care is important. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to sail care. End of season sail care do’s and don’ts Don’t store your sails when they are wet and or dirty. Wet sails stashed away invite mold growth. That may not damage your sail in terms of its usability, but it may cause unhealthy conditions, spread to other items… Read More »

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