10′ Extension Harness For 2′ and 4′ LED Marine Utility Lights,


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10′ Extension Harness for 2′ and 4′ LED Marine Utility Lights

10′ cable extension harness for the Imtra 2′ and 4′ LED Marine Utility Lights. This insulated 14 AWG vinyl- sheathed duplex marine cable with water-tight 2-pin connectors can be quickly mated to existing fixture cable connectors to extend the length between the driver and the fixture. If more length is desired, then simply connect a second 10′ extension harness using the same plug & play connectors. There is no effect on light output  with two harnesses (i.e 20′)  connected together. However,  each additional extension beyond this may result in small incremental lumens loss.

  • Extends cable length between driver and fixture
  • Durable weather resistant vinyl cover
  • 14 AWG stranded, tinned duplex cable
  • Watertight 2-pin “plug & play”  connectors
  • Connect additional harnesses together to exte

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