10″ TV Antenna with A/B Switch Amplifier, Shark Fin Design


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10″ Talitha TV Antenna with Shark Fin and A/B Switch Amplifier

This compact, lightweight TV antenna features exceptional performance on all TV frequencies. Made of UV resistant, injection moulded ASA (three-dimensional co-polymer SAN resin reinforced with acrylic rubber), it will keep its white, mirror-like finish for years. The GXV9125 has no active components in the antenna, which provides extra protection from atmospheric elements. The 12VDC power supply amplifier is totally screened. This allows the best reception of TV signals with less interference from shipboard electrical noise sources.

Supplied with the GXV9125/12AB antennas:

  • GXV9125/12AASY – 10″ TV Antenna
  • GX50023/98SR12 – A/B Switch Amplifier, including flush and wall plastic covers
  • GXV9139/20 – Coax Cable, Twin Screening, 66′ (20m)
  • GXV9143 – 5′ (1.5m) TV set cord

Add one of the following mounts to complete your installation:
GXV9124 – S.S. Surface Mount
GXV9123 – S.S. Masthead Mount
GXV9172 – S.S. Angled Mount for Shark Fin Antennas

Lifetime Warranty


  • Innovative “shark fin” design improves the performance of vertically polarized TV signals
  • Receives analog or digital TV signals polarized both horizontally and vertically


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Weight 0.75 lbs