12v Marine Gas Control & Detection System


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Turns LP Gas ON or OFF from inside Galley; continuously monitors space(s) for presence of LP Gas in up to three locations with additional Gas Detectors (1300-7720); and automatically turns gas off and activates audio and visual alarms if gas is detected at 10% or more of lower explosion limit (LEL). Includes Marine UL Listed Detector (with red function light); UL Listed low pressure solenoid; and UL Listed state of the art surface mount Control Panel (three alarm zone indicators, green function light, red alarm lights, 95 dB alarm, new mute/test button and 10 Foot Quick Connect Cable. The detector is ON and monitoring even when Gas control panel is OFF, and its alarm horn will sound as long as LP Gas is present at 10% LEL or until the mute button is touched. If gas is detected when the control panel is turned ON, the control switch, green light, solenoid and gas are automatically turned OFF. The red alarm light illuminates to show where the alarm occurred. Accepts additional gas detectors (model 1300-7720). Draws 96 M.A. when OFF/Standby mode; 889 M.A. in ON, & 255 M.A. in alarm mode.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 3 in


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